Slow Network on Hyper-V Guests on Windows Server 2019

How to fix the (very) slow network in hyper-v guests on Windows Server 2019

M$ Windows Bullshitery Part 2

Today: How to delete and rejoin a Computer in an Active Directory Domain

M$ Windows Bullshitery Part 1

Part one of windows problems which do not exist on any other Operating System. Today: How to delete files with a trailing whitespace in their name

How to enable COM3 and COM4 in VMWare

This article describes how to enable more than 2 COM Ports in a virtual machine

Event ID 4101 - Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and was recovered

This is a not well known reason why your NVIDIA driver may crashes with Event ID 4101. Meet Line-Based vs. Message-Singled-Based Interrupts and how to change them

MS DNS: How to find DNS-Records by IP

How you can find DNS-Records by IP-Address on a MS DNS Server without reverse lookups


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