"Hacking" the UGreen NAS

So, I've got a UGreen DXP6800 as my new backup server. Here's how to get into the BIOS and what you need to know:

Getting into the BIOS

There are lot of idiots out there (especially on YouTube) which tell you to rename the EFI folder inside the original boot partition. There really is no need to do that. Those guys just don't know any better. You don't need to fuck up the boot partition when you can get into the BIOS / Boot-Menu a lot easier by continually pressing:




You could also get into the BIOS by enabling SSH inside UG-OS, login and run the following command:

systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

The mighty boot menu

Disable the watchdog

You need to disable the watchdog in BIOS, otherwise the NAS will shutdown/reset every couple of minutes whenever the UG-OS is not running.

Since being in the BIOS is also counted as "UG-OS not running", you are best off to disable the watchdog, then save and reset. Afterwards you are free to explore all BIOS settings without being interrupted by a shutdown or

BIOS walkthrough

Hardware Info

LED control \(o.o)/

This guy made a small cli program as well as a Linux Kernel module to control the LEDs: github.com/miskcoo/ugreen_dx4600_leds_controller


  • Disk spindown not working correctly
  • Fan control
  • Boot from SD
  • Make HDDs more quiet