TeamSpeak3 server systemd service

A systemd service for the teamspeak3 server

Site-to-Site VPN using OpenVPN without SNAT

Because literally every openvpn-site-to-site tutorial tells you to "just make a SNAT" I wrote this guide on how to set it up without it because sometimes we simply don't want to NAT things

Cloning a (running) Linux machine

Cloning Linux without shutting it down is actually pretty easy to do but because there aren't many guides on how to do it I wrote one myself.

OpenWRT: Disable WiFi at a given time

How to disable/enable a specific Wifi-SSID automatically but keeping the others active.

LDAP-login on Debian 11

Because there isn't a simple, straight-forward and understandable 'tutorial' on how to setup LDAP login on a debian server I wrote one myself

Systemd-Resolved not resolving .local domain

resolve call failed: No appropriate name servers or networks for name found

Event ID 4101 - Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and was recovered

This is a not well known reason why your NVIDIA driver may crashes with Event ID 4101. Meet Line-Based vs. Message-Singled-Based Interrupts and how to change them

$ sl | lolcat

What happens when you pipe sl into lolcat

Arranging displays in LightDM / GDM Login screen

How to arrange multiple monitors in login screen


A collection of notes and commands